Verónica C. Pérez

PhD student at Boston University.


Department of Economics

Boston University

270 Bay State Road

Boston, MA.

I’m a PhD student in economics at Boston University. My research focuses on economic history, political economy and development economics. I’m interested in applying machine learning and text analysis methods.

I’m also a lab manager at The Industrial Policy Group, an empirical research lab, founded by Dr. Réka Juhász and Dr. Nathan Lane, that aims to deliver core empirical research surrounding industrial policy, and make industrial policy a serious object of economic study.

I hold a BSc and MA in economics from Universidad de los Andes. I previously worked as a predoctoral fellow at PER. I’m originally from Montería, Córdoba, Colombia.



Recent work

  1. The Who, What, When, and How of Industrial Policy: A Text-based Approach.
    R. Juhász, N. Lane, E. Oehlsen, and V.C. Pérez
    Aug 2022